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Creating a Battery Run-Out Animation in Swift3DCreating a Battery Run-Out Animation in Swift3D

Learn how to model a battery cell and the create a run-out animation to be used as a screensaver for another project.

By Blue_Chi | Added on May 24, 2008

Creating 3D Text in Swift3DCreating 3D Text in Swift3D

Learn how to create your text, rotate it to a 3 dimensional distinct.

By Dr Diablo | Added on May 9, 2007

Modeling a Minaret in Swift3DModeling a Minaret in Swift3D

Fans of of Prince of Persia shall instantly recognise this object..

By Conceptoo | Added on October 2, 2006

Modelling a Bottle Using LatheModeling a Bottle Using Lathe in Swift3D

This tutorial will teach you how to model a simple bottle in Swift3D v4.

By Conceptoo | Added on September 11, 2005