Drawing a Pearl in Photoshop - By Alsaeq
April 29th, 2006

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a small pearl in Photoshop using a very simple method.

Drawing a Pearl in Photoshop - Oman3D Tutorials

Start off by creating a new document in Photoshop and then selecting the Ellipse Tool.

Use the tool to draw a small circle. You will need to hold down the Shift button on your keyboard while you draw this object to get a perfect circle.

(You can check the size of the circle by accessing the Info panel (Window>Info)).

We will now start playing with our little circle. Go to the Layer's panel and click on the 'Style Layer' button to add one.

You will then have to apply the changes illustrated in the image below.

Go to the Inner Glow options and apply the settings in the image below.

Now go to Bevel and Emboss.

There are many curves to choose from in the Gloss Contour window, pick the wavy curve similar to the one below and then adjust it so that it looks similar to this image.

Moving now to Contour.

Draw the curve yourself so that it grows upwards in a manner similar to this.

Apply those settings to Satin.

Click on the box next to Overlay and pick the colour #E19F9F.

Moving on to Colour Overlay.

We are almost done, add the Gradient Overlay option and leave all other options unaltered to get the result similar to the image you see below.

This concludes our tutorial, I hope that you learnt something new. If you have any questions please post them at the forum.